The Discrete Home Monitoring Solution Allowing People To Live At Home Independently

InteliLiving uses smart home sensors (not cameras) to gather information about activity in the home of a senior or person with disability.

The sophisticated system sends daily messages about conditions and activity within the home by learning an individual’s daily routine. If all is okay, members of the nominated care team (family, carers, or health care professionals) get a daily message letting them know. But, if it detects something out of the ordinary, an alert is sent to the care team on their smartphone or other device.

This means declines in physical and mental wellbeing can be detected through advanced analytics insights before emergencies happen. It allows the care team to focus on prevention, not just respond after the event.

how it works

Passive sensors

Passive sensors

No need to remember to charge sensors or wear pendants to be safe

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Revolutionary technology that constantly learns and evolves

No cameras

No cameras

Maintain privacy while still being looked after

Push notifications

Push notifications

Know when things are OK, and when more investigation is needed

InteliCare example setup with sensors and hotspots in a house

Messages, reminders and communications

Intelihub’s communications features allows for text messages, reminders, and a range of other homeowner audio and visual interactions supporting those with hearing or visual impairment.

Incident detection

Understanding daily activity routines supports incident detection based on sudden lack of movement, failure to be up and about when expected, or declines in levels of activity.

Sleep quality and health

Changes in night time activity (such as restlessness) and bathroom frequency are important health indicators that often go unnoticed. InteliLiving gets to know the homeowner's night time routine through movement sensors.

Healthy eating

Changes in meal habits or a loss of appetite can have impacts on health.

A combination of power, and open-close sensors attached to appliances, the fridge or pantry door enable early warnings of changes in meal regularity.


When activity is lower than normal, family and carers can be notified that the homeowner may be unwell or fatigued, which could lead to a fall. Movement sensors placed in key rooms allows the InteliLiving-enabled home to know what normal activity looks like.

Daily routine / wellbeing

Changes to the routine provide intelligent insights to let family or carers know when assistance may be needed.

InteliLiving combines different smart sensors to learn the daily routine and share warnings when issues are detected.

Presence and social

Using movement and door sensors to understand when someone is home underpins our advanced analytics; this feature also provides notifications related to social isolation and other potential issues.

The leading product that works to prevent falls and emergencies, not just send alerts after the event.

InteliLiving’s adaptive smart technology learns when there are changes in the routine. Family members and carers can identify potential physical or mental declines before they become serious, or even fatal problems. It’s not just about falls, but their overall wellbeing.

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Software That Evolves

InteliLiving is tailored to each person and is continuously improving to detect changes in behaviour.

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Remove Relationship Stress

Daily notifications remove the need for family and carers to worry and always “check in”, while still having peace of mind.

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Complete Privacy

InteliLiving is unobtrusive and doesn’t use cameras at all. Instead, smart home sensors discretely track activity.

approved package provider

NDIS & HCP Provider

InteliLiving is an approved product and can be funded by a Home Care Package or NDIS.

Social Distancing & Self-Isolation

Know the wellbeing of people confined to their homes during the Coronavirus pandemic with InteliLiving.

The difference in mum’s demeanour is palpable, and she is now genuinely loving life.

She claims she now has a guardian angel looking over shoulder.

– Greg, son of InteliLiving user

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